If you have trouble calming your mind and getting it to slow down (like most of us!), this might help.  Mindfulness is about being present, about maintaining focus, right here in the present moment.  It is a gentle practice, very forgiving of shortcomings.  We are very skilled in darting from one thing to the next – we train daily in planning and distracting, but we do not practice as much in focusing on the present moment.  Mindfulness practice is not about reprimanding ourselves for letting our minds wander, it’s more about inviting our minds to become still, over and over and over again.  It is much like training for a race, or trying to increase our muscle strength; we have to use and train those muscles frequently for them to become stronger.  Our minds are not all that different when we are training them to focus and stay present.  It takes frequent practice and work outs to build the “focus” muscle. 


            Here is a link to a free, 7 minute guided meditation that incorporates music to help you focus.  Music can be a wonderful way to focus our attention, we just don’t often realize that we are actually being present with the music.  That’s the other trick to mindfulness and staying present – we need to be aware of being present or it gets lost.  So this guided meditation gives you some instructions on what to pay attention to in order to help you work out your “focus” muscle.  Enjoy!



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